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Elite Institute is the educational arm of Lin’s International Education Management Group that provides international language training to individuals of all ages and academic support for both local and foreign students. We ensure a conducive and effective learning environment to our students.

Duly accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and certified by the Bureau of Immigrations, ELITE Institute guarantees that it adheres only to the highest educational standards. Its goal is to strive continuously to develop powerful, innovative and comprehensive training programs designed to improve skills in spoken and written languages.

While Elite Institute’s programs are designed to meet local and international standards and to ensure its students are equipped to face the challenges of an English-speaking global market, the classes are made relaxed, enjoyable and interactive. Information is presented in a format that is easy to understand and the instructors work closely with students to give each the attention he/she needs. The Elite Institute teaches its students to “think in English” and to use the language like a native English speaker would, resulting in skills that are much more effective for clear English communication.

Elite Institute is composed of Filipino instructors who are hand-picked not only for their knowledge in proper and popular English but, more importantly for their capability to pass this knowledge to others. Each instructor has extensive training background and natural ability to inspire and encourage students to apply the principles to become successful.

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