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"Learning anywhere, anytime"

No break from learning during the outbreak

Continued learning despite the pandemic


When will this pandemic come to an end? Nobody knows when.

Every nation closing its borders, establishments shutting down, and classes cancelled. These are just realizations that there are things we don’t have control over. The world is basically on pause right now.

People are stuck on their houses, workers working from home and students on early vacation. Luckily, most people can access the Internet, an opportunity to be in the know of what is happening in the world, communicating with their loved ones from different places and most importantly continuing education.

With more students left at home for quarantine, online classes are highly recommended. Not only that you learn while sitting in front of your computers but you also save lives. This is now the perfect opportunity to improve oneself. Students are now taking time to improve their skills through distance learning.  Learning should be continued in order to gain more knowledge especially on difficult times like these.

Studying in the comfort of their houses gives them more time to accomplish activities. From reading books to watching English movies, students are encouraged to enhance their communication skills through online classes. It will be very useful for them especially if they have plans to study abroad. It serves as their preparation for a life abroad without them being hindered by language.

Distance learning is as efficient as classes in schools yet more flexible. Students can choose their preferred time. What they need are their phones or laptops and a stable Internet line. Teachers will be delivering lessons based on the identified weakness of each student. At the end of every week, students will undergo an evaluation which serves as a proof of their learning. In addition to that, home works are provided on a daily basis in order for them to learn how to work on their own and test their knowledge. Lastly, teachers will send the reports of the students as a result of their performances in class. Through that, students will learn their strengths and the things that need further development.

Learn English online at home! Save people!

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