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Here's what our students have to say towards learning English and their experiences in the Philippines.

- Nguyen Thi Phuc Hau, Vietnam,  
Intensive English Student
- Manapariya Tongin, Thailand
Medical Pre-Course Student

When I first came in the Philippines, I have very limited words that I know and I could use. I got interested in learning lessons which includes a lot of vocabulary. However, after studying for almost a year and a half and learning different lessons, I thought to myself that maybe I should pause my English classes for a while. Then, I realized that there are still many things that I needed to learn and improve especially the pronunciation of words and the correct forms when constructing sentences.

- Gina, Intensive English, Taiwan

- Ma    Xiao Qian, China
Intensive English Student
- Khodchaded Denwong, Thailand
Medical Pre-Course Student

At first, I have a lot of negative attitude/impression/idea about the English language because I’m not good at it. I’m so scared whenever I talk to a foreigner. In my first class, the teacher talked with me a lot. I thought that, maybe it’s her way in forcing me to speak English by making me feel comfortable, despite my grammatical slips. Nowadays, I’m having more fun whenever I get to talk to people especially with a different nationality form mine. The moment you communicate with a foreigner that’s how you know the importance of the English language.

- Sinit, Pre-Course Student, Thailand

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