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ESL Programs


ELITE's Basic English Proficiency program is designed to build the foundation or refresh the learners’ skills in grammar and usage, writing, reading, listening and speaking.

  • It is a combined skills course integrating acquisition of and improving on all four skill areas of English: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Regular speaking and listening practice help student feel confident in activities such as shopping, ordering in a restaurant, and arranging to meet a friend.

  • Provides the foundation skills needed so that students begin speaking and writing in English. Grammar rules are explained and practiced extensively through weekly evaluation.

  • Students practice new vocabulary in writing and speaking and they focus on increasing listening and reading skills and strategies with an intensive focus on vocabulary development.

  • Special emphasis is placed on recognizing and pronouncing many of the most common words in English.

  • Students will be able to write several basic sentences about personal topics with grammatical accuracy and will be able to write personal information correctly into forms.


ELITE's Intensive English Proficiency program is designed to intensify learner’s skills in grammar and usage, writing, reading, listening, and speaking.

  • This course develops students’ linguistic understanding at an intermediate level by focusing on the language functions required for everyday life activities. Regular speaking and listening practice helps student feel confident expressing themselves in situations requiring them to agree, disagree, express opinions, etc.

  • Students develop reading fluency, accuracy, and comprehension by reading passages from a variety of sources such as newspapers, magazines, books, and websites. They participate in a variety of activities during the class, including lectures, in-class reading and exercises, weekly homework and quizzes.

  • It starts with a review of grammar fundamentals and then progress to more complex grammar and language points to give students a strong foundation in a higher level of grammar.

  • Students learn about various parts of speech and their uses in informal conversation, as well as in formal writing. They show understanding and mastery of materials by completing speaking, listening and writing exercises from the textbook and by completing occasional writing samples.


ELITE's Business English course is designed to improve learners’ comprehension of business terms and concepts and use them in day-to-day business transactions.

  • Its aim is to improve the use of English in professional settings. The course focuses on vocabulary and phrases used in global business environment, as well as on grammar usage and the skills required to function in business.

  • It is designed for business executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and business graduates to build language confidence through improved comprehension and to develop fluency and accurate pronunciation.

  • This course covers many topics such as Business Environment, Presentations & Meetings, Marketing Fundamentals, Sales & Advertising, Negotiating Skills, Cross-Cultural Communication, Phone Skills, Leadership & People Skills and Financial Practices.

  • Students will gain a broad perspective on the business world today, while at the same time developing fluency in English.


ELITE’s Conversational Filipino course aims to provide basic Filipino (Tagalog) language in a quick and efficient way. It is a 4 session class conducted every Saturday, 1 hour per session. This is the perfect class for those planning a trip to the Philippines or wanting to brush up on their Filipino. Open to Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike, learn more about the Philippine national language and culture through this introductory class.

  • The course covers the basic rules of grammar, verbs, and common vocabulary to get you by everyday situations in the Philippines or while in the company of Filipino speakers.

  • Learn to understand and use familiar everyday expressions and basic phrases. Introduce yourself and others. Ask and answer questions about yourself and have simple conversations such as where you live, people you know, and things you possess.

  • Learn to interact with others at a beginner level. There are also discussions on the history, culture, and business practices of Filipinos.

  • Lessons are delivered via interactive discussions. Drills and exercises are incorporated into the lessons.

  • Each section also ends with a quiz to measure your understanding of the lessons. The quizzes will also help in reinforcing the language lessons found in each section.

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