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Amy Casabar

Welcome to Elite Institute! 

As the headmistress of Elite Institute, it my greatest pleasure to introduce you to our educational institution.


Here at ELITE Institute, we offer different programs that cater to learners of different ages, levels and cultural backgrounds. We want to develop our students' English skills and qualities so that they will be equipped to excel in their chosen fields and communities. We want to instill in our students a natural love of learning a new language and we guide them throughout their journey of self-development. As educators, our greatest motivation is to see and be part of  our students' success stories.  

I hope that you will enjoy exploring our website and that it will provide you with an insightful and informative introduction about the different programs that we are offering in our center.

We are excited to meet you and would love to see you in one of our classes!

Grace Sambajon

Why We're Great >


Hello there! My name is Teacher Grace. I am an ESL teacher at Elite Institute. For the past five years, I've been teaching and inspiring students at all levels. In addition to that, I also have a great interest in music. I am a proficient guitarist, drummer, and organist. I also like to watch anime in my free time while sipping on my favorite coffee or milk tea.

Teaching non-native students how to utilize the English language effectively is a privilege. It is rewarding to see them succeed in achieving their goals and advancing in their professions. As a teacher, I want them to feel comfortable speaking English without being too concerned about making mistakes.

Let's make learning enjoyable and worthwhile! Join us in our classes and learn how to speak English well anytime and anywhere. I'll see you in class!

Joy Miasco

Why We're Great >


Hi!  I am Teacher Joy. For me, having the privilege to teach in a language school is a good experience because I don’t only teach learners about a new language but I am also learning how to handle a diverse class of students.

Aside from teaching, I also love listening to music, singing, and even acting.

As an English teacher, my goal is not only to help learners build their language skills but also boost their confidence to communicate effectively in another language.

 And whenever I see my students trying their best to communicate in English, I couldn’t help but smile because I know that they’ve really wanted to learn.

Build your confidence while learning English, join our classes now!

Shell Dela Cruz

Why We're Great >

photo (25 of 65).jpg

Good Day! I’m Teacher Shell. Tagged as the most handsome English language instructor here in ELITE Institute because I’m the only thorn among the flowers. On my leisure, I prefer to listen to music and sing to its beat. I love to watch movies and anime with various genres and I also like to play mobile games.


Teaching is a privilege for I am given a chance to be a part of students’ development and to aid them in achieving their goals. Nothing else can make a teacher happy than to see their students reach the top.

Come and join our classes! Let us help you achieve your goals and make it to the top.   

Jaqui Delos Reyes

Why We're Great >




Hello there! I am Teacher Jaqui. I am a positive person and I love sharing my enthusiastic outlook in life to my students. I get a great sense of achievement when I see my students develop and grow as individuals.  I believe that if I can have a positive impact on their future, I am doing very well as their teacher. 

I teach high school sciences such as General  Science, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. As a teacher, I don't only impart knowledge to my students but also facilitate the best environment for them learn. 

I hope to see you in my class soon! 

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