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We offer comprehensive program that is suitable for every students' needs. Standardized tests are required by most universities and employers abroad.



Elite Institute's IELTS Review program is designed for individuals who want to study or work in an English-speaking environment such as Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. It is one of the most widely used English language tests in the world. Not only will it familiarize the students with the format of IELTS exam, but this course will also target problem areas concerning their writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills through various exercises and mock exams.

  • Mock tests are provided before the student starts the class to determine his strengths and weaknesses. The teacher would also be able to identify which strategy should they give more emphasis on.

  • Students are provided with an hour of class for each strategy or it is being customized depending on their needs.

  • READING: Students are provided with vocabulary that they will encounter on the reading passages. The types of questions in the test will also be discussed for further understanding. 

  • LISTENING: Each audio is provided to students and they are usually accompanied by a short explanation only if the student needs reinforcement.

  • WRITING:  A set of task is what the student needs to accomplish in a specified time. Each task will be checked thoroughly and teachers will provide an explanation for the score provided.

  • SPEAKING: Students are given the chance to express themselves as they are provided with various speaking topics. Their answers would be evaluated by the teacher as well as to get tips on how to improve on the said skill.                         

  • Another set of mock test is given after the first 5 days of their session to check the students progress during the course of study.



Elite Institute's TOEIC Preparation program helps individuals get hired, placed, and promoted in employment opportunities worldwide through obtaining high levels in TOEIC.

  • We provide mock test for TOEIC Reading and Listening which is more commonly taken by our students as a requirement for entering schools abroad (specifically Poland).

  • A brief introduction will be provided for each students who has little to zero knowledge about the test. They will also be provided with techniques and strategies to achieve their target scores.

  • READING: Students learn the vocabulary before they start answering this part. They will be encountering questions relating to grammar. Reading topic ranges from single to double passages with multiple choice type of question.

  • LISTENING: Audios are allowed to be repeated twice during the first few weeks for the students to master the pacing and get used to the accent of the speakers.

  • After 2 weeks of class, mock tests are provided to check the students' progress.



ELITE Institute's TOEFL Preparation program is designed to equip learners with necessary skills in listening, reading, writing, and speaking for the TOEFL. Similar to IELTS, TOEFL is used to measure English language proficiency, and it is accredited in at least 5,000 institutions in at least 90 countries including USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Canada.

  • This course will help you understand what you can do to achieve your best TOEFL test score. Each section would be discussed comprehensively and would be focusing on test-taking strategies and highlight the academic English skills needed for exam success.

  • It also includes practice exam questions and simulation tests that mirror the real TOEFL-IBT.

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