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ELITE Institute is now offering Food & Beverage Services NC II.

Food and Beverage Services NC II is a technical-vocational program that trains students on the preparation of food plans and meals for restaurants, hotels, canteens, banquets and functions, and basically any establishment that serves food to a large number of people. The program teaches students how to properly welcome guests and take food and beverage orders, promote food and beverage products and provide food and beverage service to guests. This program educates students about kitchen/service area procedures and protocols and the general routine and responsibilities in the food and beverage department. More importantly, students are properly oriented on how to receive and handle guest concerns. The Food and Beverage Services NCII program also develops students’ skills in bar operation and maintenance and cocktail preparation and mixing. The Food and Beverage NCII program is supervised and accredited by TESDA (a government agency that regulates vocational courses), and TESDA-accredited education institutions may offer this program.

Course Structure

The course structure for Food and Beverage Services NC II is divided into three main competencies:

  • Basic Competencies (18 hours)

  • Participate in workplace communication

  • Work in a team environment

  • Practice career professionalism

  • Practice occupational health and safety procedure

  • Common Competencies (18 hours)

  • Develop and update industry knowledge

  • Observe workplace hygiene procedures

  • Perform computer operations

  • Perform workplace and safety practices

  • Provide effective customer service

  • Core Competencies (320 hours)

  • Prepare the dining room /restaurant area for service

  • Welcome guests and take food and beverage orders

  • Promote food and beverage products

  • Provide food and beverage services to guests

  • Provide room service

  • Receive and handle guest concerns

Like most technical-vocational programs, the Food and Beverage Services NC II program follows a modular type of instruction. Modular Instruction is a type of teaching method that follows a specific set of planned learning activities and exercises. These activities are contained in a short booklet called a module. Students are allowed to proceed with their own learning pace (self-pacing). Instructors provide timely feedbacks allowing students to improve their skills. Lessons in this program are taught to students through lectures and demonstrations, self-paced instruction and group discussion. Student learning assessment and evaluation is conducted at the end of every module discussion. This is done through direct observation, simulations, practical demonstrations and oral and written exams.


Admission Requirements:

+ Copy of birth certificate authenticated by PSA

+ Copy of Highschool or College Diploma

+ Certified True Copy of Transcript of Records

+ 1x1 pictures

+ Certificate of Good Moral Character

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